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If you are also willing to be a part of changing the global economy then Crpytoigo is the best place for algorithmic trading strategies. Cryptoigo has some best offers like four unique landing pages, more than 20 inner pages, multiple home pages, powerful user panel, 3D animated graphics landing page but for a limited time only.

Cryptoigo is a specially designed Crypto Currency Website Landing Page Word Press Theme. This theme is a fully responsive, flexible, most powerful, clean, secure and complete solution for cryptocurrencies ICO startup. The Crypto Currency is the future of the global economy and if you want to be one step ahead of others and establish yourself in the Cryptocurrency market then it is the best platform for you.

Why Cryptoigo is special?

Today we have thousands of choices in the market for our every single requirement but are all of them have quality and quantity to fulfil your ICO requirements? This is the fundamental question. One simple answer for all your quarries is Crytoigo.

  • Only Crytoigo provides complete ICO (Initial Coin Offering) templates on the ThemeForest for the launching of your ICO.
  • Cryptoigo is specifically designed after analyzing each and every small aspect of ICO requirements. It provides you option of multiple home pages and more than 20 pages for the better presentation.
  • It is built with Bootstrap4 which makes it easy to use.
  • It can be easily accessible by all platforms like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc.
  • In Cryptoigo, you can get a demo just by one click.
  • Now the home page can have introductory video; if you are using this theme.
  • It provides unlimited page building options.
  • It has four different and unique styles for your landing pages.
  • Blog listing page, Blog detail page, Search Page, 404 Page are the special; features of the Cryptoigo which provide a very user-friendly environment for investors of various intelligence level.

Crypto Currency-A CryptoCurrency is a virtual currency works as a medium of exchange. It uses the technique of cryptography to secure and verify transactions along with the creation of new units of a particular CryptoCurrency. In short, cryptocurrencies are limited entries of a database that no one can edit unless specific conditions are fulfilled.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO is the CryptoCurrency space similar to an IPO ( Initial Public Offering) in the economic environment. Any company wants to create a new coin, app, or service introduces an ICO. Interested investors can purchase this offering. Investors will receive a new Crypto Currency token specific to the ICO in exchange. The company uses these ICO for various funding needs of their business. Generally, ICOs are used by start-ups or small entrepreneurs to escape the time consuming and hazardous capital-raising process required by well-known venture capitalists or banks.

Facilities that you will get only on Cryptiago-

  • Elementor page builder
  • Multiple home pages
  • Built with BootStrap4
  • One click Demo
  • Powerful user panel
  • 20+ pages

Some special features of Cryptoigo

  • The Cryptoigo provides 2 Unique ICO landing page which can get your potential buyers
  • Live Page builder (Elementor) is the unique feature of this platform.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Ripple & Particles effects
  • ICO token sale counter
  • Unlimited page building functions
  • Custom Themify & Font Awesome icon
  • Based on bootstrap 4.1 stable
  • Blog listing page
  • Blog detail page
  • Search Page
  • 404 Page
  • Animated and non-animated page
  • Widget Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Newsletter Ready
  • Smooth Scroll Animation
  • Contact Form 7 Ready
  • One page Navigation
  • W3C Valid HTML
  • Well Documented

Various graphics of Crytoigo to make your website impressive-
1. 3D Graphics.
2. SVG Graphics.
3. Mobile App Graphic.
4. Coin Graphic.
5. Chart Graphics.
6. Problem Ann solution graphic.
7. How it works graphic?

Four unique landing pages –

  • 3D animated graphics landing page.
  • 3D graphics landing page.
  • Counter landing page.
  • Intro video landing page.

Note: Images are for demo purpose only


5th may 2022

- plugin issue fixed
- roadmap responsive issue fixed

29th March

- Update: cryptoigo master plugin
- Elementor 3.6.1 compatible 
- WP 5.9.2 compatible

12th July 2021

-- Fix: plugin update issue fix
-- New: Header menu color change option
-- New: Header menu hover color change option
-- New: Header Line color change option added.

11th July 2021
- New : Banner 3d animation Color Gradient Change option
- New : Banner Title typography change option
- New : Banner Title Text Color change option
- New : Banner Counter Style option
- New : About Elementor Widget Section Header Text option
- New : About Elementor Widget Section Header Typography option
- New : Solution Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : Solution Elementor Widget Section Header Typography option
- New : Advisor Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : Blog Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : FAQ Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : Team Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : Team member typography 
- New : Token Section Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- New : Token Counter Elementor Panel edit option
- New : Whitepaper elementor Widget Panel editing option
- New : Gradient Button change option
- New : Roadmap Elementor Widget Panel edit option
- Fix : Preload image
- Fix : Slick Slider mobile issue

- Fix : video modal popup issue fix
- Added - Logo size change option added

- Roadmap Responsive issue fix.