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Welcome to Listivo – #1 Best-Selling Classified Ads WordPress Theme on the market for those seeking innovative features and a boost in earning potential for their digital marketplace.

Listivo is a WordPress theme designed for classified ads, directories, and listing websites, catering to everything from large, multi-category platforms with extensive databases to niche sites focused on specific categories such as automotive, real estate, or any other sector you envision.

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Classified Ads, Directory & Listing WordPress Theme – Listivo

Unlock the full potential of your classified ads, directory, or listing website with Listivo, a theme designed specifically for easy customization and seamless user experiences.

  • Monetize efficiently classified ads with diverse options including ads, subscriptions, and featured listings.
  • Ideal for various sectors such as automotive, real estate, and other service-oriented industries.
  • Easily tailor the platform to meet specific industry requirements.
  • Experience quick search results, even with a large number of ads, thanks to an advanced search engine that operates without window refreshes.
  • Manage large volumes seamlessly, maintaining a modern and user-friendly interface.
  • Flexible and user-friendly design suitable for both large directories and small business listings.
  • Fully integrated with Elementor for effortless site design.
  • Optimized for SEO to improve visibility and attract more traffic, enhancing your site’s search engine ranking.
  • Responsive design ensures that your site looks great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Regular updates and improvements keep your platform up-to-date with the latest web technologies.
  • Extensive documentation and dedicated support available to provide guidance and help whenever needed.

Design Your Ideal Classified Ads, Directory, and Listings Website with Listivo

Streamline your website’s design elements globally with Listivo’s comprehensive design settings.

  • Implement design consistency with global settings that allow you to maintain a uniform appearance effortlessly.
  • Manage global colors and typography for brand consistency across all pages.
  • Customize ad cards with user-friendly options for icons, ratings, and descriptions.
  • Efficiently test and apply style changes with real-time previews to ensure optimal styling.
  • Configure elements like form inputs, dropdowns, buttons, and navigation components for a cohesive look.
  • Experiment with border radius, shadows, and other design elements to refine your site’s aesthetics.
  • Adjust settings for featured ad cards to distinguish important listings.

Elementor Integration for Classified Ads, Directory, and Listing Websites

Elementor’s user-friendly interface lets you create visually stunning designs for your WordPress directory and classified ads site without any need for coding knowledge. Tailor every aspect of your site with precision, enhancing your user experience and site functionality.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for effortless content crafting.
  • Directly edit pages, ads templates, profiles templates, and more within Elementor.
  • Access over 100 widgets for comprehensive customization and flexibility.
  • Includes options for modifying print versions of ad pages.
  • No coding skills required—focus on designing, not coding.
  • Utilize Elementor’s vast template library to jump-start your design process, saving time and effort.
  • Supports Elementor PRO for advanced functionalities, though not mandatory.

Streamline Classified Ad Submissions with User-Friendly Forms

  • Enable ad submissions through a comprehensive, user-friendly form with extensive customization options.
  • Incorporate field requirements, photo and attachment uploads with limits on number and size.
  • Facilitate easy location search, allowing for different types of suggestions.
  • Include a checkbox for consent to service terms.
  • Automatically validate data before it goes live on the website to maintain quality and accuracy.
  • Implement optional ad moderation with automated email/SMS notifications to maintain control over content.
  • Support multiple ad categories from vehicles to real estate, ensuring a broad market application.
  • Allow users to later edit ads (reapproval may be required).
  • Include advanced anti-spam and security measures to protect user data and maintain site integrity.
  • Provide tips for optimizing field entries.
  • Send notifications when a new ad is pending moderation.
  • Send notifications when an ad is approved or declined, including a custom text reason for the decision.

Optimize Custom Field Settings for Classified Ads and Listings

  • Configure custom ad fields to meet a wide range of needs for searching, submitting, and displaying classified ads.
  • Choose from 9 custom field types, adding versatility to your ad handling capabilities.
  • Seamlessly add or modify custom fields to adapt to evolving market demands.
  • Control field visibility and interactions based on relationships for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Supports conditional logic for fields, enabling dynamic fields that adapt to user input.
  • Custom fields are searchable, making it easier for users to filter and find ads based on specific criteria.

Establish Intuitive Field Connections for Classified Ads and Directories

  • Link fields through parent-child relationships or dynamically display fields options based on user selections to enhance search capabilities.
  • Configure fields to hide or reveal related fields, streamlining user interactions and improving form dynamics.
  • Limit choices in related fields to prevent user error and refine data input.
  • Support multi-level field structuring for complex data organization.
  • Implement conditional visibility for fields to enhance user experience and form relevance.
  • Enhance field interactions with AJAX-based loading for smoother user experiences.

Innovative Search Engine for Classified Ads and Directories

  • Deliver quick search results, handling a large number of ads with ultra-fast performance.
  • Maintain modern design standards to enhance user experience and site aesthetics.
  • Include advanced filtering options to refine search results based on multiple criteria.
  • Optimize search algorithms for speed and relevance, ensuring high-performance queries.
  • Implement customizable search widgets, allowing tailor search fields to their needs.
  • Enable sorting of search results by relevance, date, price, and more for user-friendly navigation.

Advanced Map Search for Directory and Listing Precision

  • Integrate Google Maps autocomplete for efficient map searches, enhancing geographic ad searches.
  • Customize map appearance—adjust types, colors, and settings, and apply country-specific restrictions to tailor the search experience.
  • Include OpenStreetMap to reduce dependency on Google Maps API, optimizing load times and cost efficiency.
  • Support geotagging of ads for precise location referencing and easier discovery.
  • Implement an intelligent keyword search feature that suggests popular keywords based on titles in your database, enhancing search functionality and user experience.
  • Enable high-tech autocomplete keyword search to facilitate faster and more relevant searches.
  • Allow users to search within ad descriptions for more detailed results.

Create Print Versions of Your Classified Ads and Listings

  • Customize and optimize print ad pages with Elementor, enhancing the presentation of ads in physical formats.
  • Design specialized widgets for print ad layouts to build strong offline branding.
  • Offer template options for print ads to ensure brand consistency across online and offline platforms.
  • Provide customization options for print layout elements such as fonts, colors, and paper sizes.
  • Enable automatic generation of print-ready PDFs for user convenience.

Customize User Settings for Classified Ad Directories and Listings

  • Customize user profiles for different types of directory services.
  • Optimize the user journey across classified ads and listings with customizable settings.
  • Automate account setup and management with advanced user directory features.
  • GDPR-ready compliance for user data protection in classified ad transactions.

Customize Login and Registration for Classified Ad Platforms

  • Enable quick registration using social media profiles to speed up the directory access process.
  • Enhance user verification processes with integrated SMS and email confirmations.
  • Incorporate Google reCAPTCHA to reduce spam in classified listings.
  • Include password recovery options.

Intuitive User Panels for Efficient Classified Listing Management

  • Streamline ad management with a user-friendly dashboard that supports all classified ad activities.
  • Enable users to easily manage and renew listings with automated tools.
  • Integrate filtering tools within the user panel for enhanced usability.
  • Allow users to manage their profiles and settings in a few clicks.

Custom Solutions for Private and Business Users in Directories

  • Differentiate services and pricing models to cater to both private sellers and business entities.
  • Customize user experiences based on the type of directory listing or classified ad.
  • Offer tiered pricing plans to accommodate the diverse needs of various user groups.
  • Facilitate data collection for targeted advertising and improved user engagement.

Use Elementor to Build Custom User Page Template for your Classified Ads and Directories

  • Utilize Elementor’s drag-and-drop functionality to create customized user page template
  • Widgets specifically designed for user interactions in classified ads.
  • Enable real-time preview and editing capabilities to ensure user pages meet specific standards.

Enable Private Messaging for Direct Communication in Classified Ads

  • Offer instant messaging to enhance communication.<
  • Enable secure and private messaging capabilities for users to negotiate and finalize deals within the platform.

Maximize Earnings from Promoted Ads in Your Classified Directory

  • Explore numerous options to monetize user-submitted ads and increase earnings.
  • Enable monetization of directory listings through advanced payment integration.
  • Implement categorised ad packages to maximize revenue from high-traffic pages.

Optimize Ad Packages to Boost Profits in Your Listings and Directories

  • Earn when users publish or promote ads with flexible pricing tiers.
  • Configure different prices and options for ad durations, featured periods, bump-ups, and create category-specific packages.
  • Ensure ads go live or to moderation after payment, providing flexible control.
  • Meet diverse advertiser needs with customized ad packages tailored to different market segments.
  • Utilize WooCommerce Payment Gateways for secure, reliable transactions.
  • Offer seasonal and promotional discounts to boost ad submissions during off-peak times.

Implement WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Secure Transactions in Your Classified Ads Site

  • Automate the payment process for ad publishing and promotions securely.
  • Choose from a wide range of payment options including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.
  • Provide seamless payment experiences with integrated checkout systems.
  • Support international payments to accommodate users from different countries.

Boost Recurring Revenue with Stripe Memberships for Classified Listings

  • Earn consistently as subscribers sign up for your services.
  • Design membership plans that automatically renew, charging cards monthly.
  • Ensure uninterrupted service for subscribers with regular payments.
  • Stripe supports recurring payments in over 40 countries, making it a versatile option for global users.
  • Integrate member-exclusive content and features to enhance the value of subscriptions.
  • Use Stripe’s robust security features to protect financial data and user privacy.

Enhance Visibility with Bump Up Features for Classified Listings

  • The Bump Up feature allows users to refresh their ad dates, pushing ads to the top of the list.
  • Increase earnings as users refresh their ads with simple, one-click functionality.
  • Enable manual and automatic ad refreshes to maintain high visibility of listings.
  • Offer Bump Up in bulk for easier purchases and more sales, enhancing user convenience.
  • Automate the Bump Up process for premium users as part of subscription packages.
  • Integrate Bump Up options seamlessly into the user dashboard for easy access.

Engage Users with Free Ads, Packages, and Coupons in Your Classified Marketplace

  • Offer free ads, subscriptions, and coupons to boost traffic, SEO, and brand identity.
  • Attract new users quickly with introductory free ad listings, enticing them to explore additional services.
  • Use coupons as part of a strategic marketing campaign to increase user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Offer time-limited promotions to create urgency and boost ad submissions in slow periods.
  • Customize packages to include additional benefits like featured listings and extended ad durations.

Drive More Traffic with Advanced SEO for Your Classified Ads and Directories

  • Enhance your site’s visibility on Google with Yoast SEO integration for optimized classified listings.
  • Utilize micro-landing pages for specific ad categories to target niche markets effectively.
  • Implement custom titles and meta descriptions for directory listings to improve search engine rankings.
  • Use pretty and canonical URLs to eliminate duplicate content issues and enhance SEO value.
  • Optimize all ad pages with SEO-friendly practices to ensure higher visibility in search results.
  • Automate the generation of ad titles to ensure search engines can easily index all listings.

Stay Connected with Email and SMS Notifications for Your Ad Listings

  • Send automated alerts for expiring ads and promotions to keep users engaged.
  • Notify users instantly when their ads are approved, declined, or awaiting moderation.
  • Customize notification messages to include promotional offers or important information.
  • Implement real-time SMS alerts for immediate communication needs.
  • Enhance user engagement with personalized email content based on user information

Streamline Social Media Sharing for Your Classified Ads and Directories

  • Boost audience engagement by integrating sharing capabilities directly into classified ads and directory listings.
  • Enable direct sharing of listings to major social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.
  • Facilitate quick social logins to streamline the user registration and login process.
  • Incorporate social media contact buttons such as WhatsApp and Viber directly on ads for immediate communication.

Implement a Robust Review System for Your Classified Ads and Directories

  • Enable users to leave reviews on profiles or ads to build trust and transparency in the classified ads community.
  • Allow image uploads with reviews to provide more context and proof of user experiences.
  • Implement a voting system to highlight the most helpful reviews and encourage community interaction.
  • Offer anonymous review options to protect user privacy while collecting valuable feedback.
  • Provide moderation tools to manage reviews and maintain quality control.
  • Utilize review insights to improve services and user satisfaction.

Enhance Engagement with a Blog for Your Classified Ads Site

  • Customize blog templates with Elementor to create attractive, engaging content that drives site traffic.
  • Publish regular articles to establish authority and trust within the classified ads market.
  • Enhance SEO efforts with blog content optimized for keywords related to your listings and directory services.
  • Engage users with interactive blog features such as comments, and sharing
  • Use the blog to announce new features, promotions, and insights into the classified ad industry.

Localize Your Classified Ads and Directory Site for Global Reach

  • Adapt your website to local standards with ease, ensuring a tailored user experience in any region.
  • Modify all site texts and URL slugs to align with local language and SEO practices.
  • Adjust to local currency and number formats to facilitate regional commerce.
  • Support RTL text direction seamlessly, perfect for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian.
  • Enable customization of date and time formats to match local preferences.
  • Provide localization tools that help adapt content and navigation elements to cultural norms.

Enhance Your Directory’s Performance with Minimal Plugin Dependency

  • Our theme includes only four essential plugins to prevent slowdowns and ensure swift loading times.
  • Offer a light, adaptable, and scalable starting point for efficient web development, ideal for classified ads sites.
  • Maintain a lean operational profile with minimal essential plugins required, avoiding unnecessary bloat.
  • In-house code development enhances performance, providing faster responses and lower server load.
  • Optimize performance through advanced caching techniques and streamlined database queries.
  • Implement lazy loading for images and ads to improve page speed and user experience.
  • Provide detailed documentation on optimizing site performance with recommended settings and configurations.

Simplify Customization with Intuitive Code for Your Classified Ads Platform

  • Our code is clean and thoughtfully structured for easy customization, making it ideal for developers and site owners alike.
  • Structured, clean code for easy modifications allows for rapid deployment of new features and quick adjustments.
  • Built-in integrations, such as for XML/CSV ads import, facilitate seamless data management and migration.
  • Child theme support for overriding widgets and more, ensuring customizations do not affect theme updates.
  • Maintain high coding standards to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and industry practices.

What is not inclued:

Please consider Listivo Theme do not support:

  • Multiple languages at the same time. It do not has also WPML / Polylang or any plugin of this type integration
  • Mobile App (iOS / Android), however, is fully responsive / mobile-friendly
  • WooCommerce Shop Integration

Listivo is the ultimate solution for creating a powerful and customizable classified ads website. With its advanced features, seamless integrations, and user-friendly interface, you can build a site that stands out and maximizes your revenue potential. For detailed feature updates and enhancements, visit our changelog.

Ready to get started? Try Listivo for free or purchase now.