Wine Store – Vineyard Elementor PrestaShop Theme




Wine Store Theme – Overview

Wine Store is a PrestaShop theme ideal for winery websites, online wine shops or wine restaurants. This responsive theme featured with 20+ homepage layouts, Mobile layout ready, Multistore compatible, Multilingual & RTL languages support, Mega Menu [Drag & Drop], AJAX Add to Cart, AJAX Filter in Shop pages, Product Quick view and Product Image Zoom…

Wine Store was built with the best PrestaShop Framework with many module ajax help your website load data faster and nicest.

Wine Store comes with lots of built in functionality which includes powerful admin panel will help you manage your site better, customize easier.




Version 3.2.1 – Nov 07, 2023

NEW: PrestaShop 8.1.2 compatibility
UPDATED: Revolution Slider Version included

Version 3.2 – June 27, 2023

NEW: PrestaShop 8.0 compatibility
NEW: PHP 8 compatibility
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Blog Timeline widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Dynamic Table widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Popup Content widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Accordion Image widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Animated Headline widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Dropcap widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Gradient Heading widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Blockquote widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Business Hours widget
NEW: FieldElementor: Added Field Team Member widget

FIXED: FieldElementor: Route remove "admin_module_catalog" 
FIXED: FieldElementor: Route remove "admin_module_catalog_post" 
FIXED: FieldElementor: Route remove "admin_module_addons_store" 
FIXED: FieldElementor: Redefine the path to file config (js,css)
FIXED: FieldElementor: Function remove in Hook "getRetroHookName" 
FIXED: Hookname "backOfficeHeader" in the FieldProduct360View module
FIXED: Hookname "backOfficeHeader" in the FieldCustomAddTabs module
FIXED: Without file "product-flags.tpl" in template (theme-elementor)

UPDATED: FieldElementor Version 2.0 included
UPDATED: FieldProduct360View included
UPDATED: FieldCustomAddTabs included
UPDATED: Revolution Slider Version included
UPDATED: Blog for PrestaShop (PrestaHome) Version 1.8.0 included
UPDATED: SmartBlog Version 4.1.6 included

Version 3.1 – Jan 19, 2022

UPDATED: Ajax Builder in Shopping Cart

Version 3.0 – Oct 27, 2021

NEW: PrestaShop 1.7.8.x compatibility
FIXED: Could not be found module on Addons when install theme

Version 2.9 – Sept 29, 2021

NEW: Demo Wine 16 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 17 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 18 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 19 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 20 (Elementor)

Version 2.8 – Sept 7, 2021

NEW: Demo Wine 9 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 10 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 11 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 12 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 13 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 14 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 15 (Elementor)

Version 2.7 – Aug 13, 2021

NEW: FieldElementor: Add Field LookBook widget
NEW: Field Customizer: Variation Shop
NEW: Module Field Popup Sales
NEW: FieldElementor: Add Field Custom Product widget
NEW: Module FieldImporter: One click import demo content
UPDATED: FieldElementor: Add option in widget All Product

Version 2.6 – Jul 26, 2021

NEW: FieldElementor module with Live Page Builder
NEW: Demo Wine 5 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 6 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 7 (Elementor)
NEW: Demo Wine 8 (Elementor)

Version 2.5 – Dec 29, 2020

NEW: PrestaShop 1.7.7.x compatibility
FIXED: Conditions of the account registration form
FIXED: Title section filter in the page product category 
FIXED: Effect when changing the page product category
FIXED: Bug on BackOffice Megamenu Editor
FIXED: Ajax builder in Megamenu Editor
UPDATED: Module Field Product Comment latest version

Version 2.4 – May 5, 2020

UPDATED: PrestaShop, 1.7.6.x compatibility

Version 2.3 – Mar 19, 2020

UPDATED: PrestaShop compatibility

Version 2.2 – Feb 3, 2020

NEW: PrestaShop compatibility
FIXED: Custom CSS does not work.
FIXED: "count() parameter must be an array or an object that implements countable" when install and uninstall modules.

Version 2.1 – Sept 18, 2019

NEW: PrestaShop compatibility
FIXED: PHP Warning: sizeof() when enable debug mode
FIXED: PHP Warning: count() Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
FIXED: PHP Notice: Undefined index id in product page
FIXED: Pagination in category page does not work
FIXED: Title is cutted when edit HTML block in Back Office

Version 2.0 – Jan 21, 2019

NEW: Re-built quickstart package for version 1.7 completely
NEW: RTL languages support for version 1.7
NEW: Multistore compatible
NEW: Mobile layout ready


UPDATED: Fully compatible with latest versions PrestaShop 1.7.5.x, 1.7.4.x, 1.7.3.x, 1.7.2.x, 1.7.1.x, 1.7.0.x
UPDATED: Documentation

Version 1.1.1 – Sep 5, 2018

- Fixed Security issue on the fieldvmegamenu module

Version 1.1 – Aug 10, 2017

- Fixed bug add category in the fieldmegamenu module

Version 1.0 – Dec 27, 2016

Initial Release